I believe that there is not a more personal question than “what’s your name?”. And I think also that the name is the only true companion (treasure / burden / gift) of our life (depending on your point of view).
Since I was little, my name was “funny” misspelled due to pronunciation difficulties, interlocutor’s hearing problems and apparent incredulity. 
I heard people calling me in all possible ways, from “Rivier” to “Elois Reveire” , until one gave up and out of exasperation cried out “YOU! Yes, I mean you, girl! “.

I’ve always been very closed, jealously attached to my name, and I had to learn to live with the difficulties associated with such an original sound.
In the modern world, dominated by the internet and false social realities, many prefer to use nicknames that – for the meaning and euphony – reflect or simply amuse those who choose them.
 So there are many Reverie and for me it was hard to find my space.

If in fact the initial problem related to my name was the difficulty in having it rightly understood, now the question that usually follows the usual “what’s your name” is: “But Reverie is only a nickname, right?”.

In order to introduce myself better and more deeply, I decided to share the explanation that my parents wrote and gave as a present to the participants on the day of my baptism. I thought then it was a right idea to organize my “telematic” baptism.
 Because I am my name and my name is not just the only dress that, even when naked, I will always wear, but it’s also my best friend.

“My name is Eloisa Reverie”.


It was not only the name of the medieval heroine of love for Abelard;

to her, in the heart of the Enlightenment,

Jean-Jacques Rousseau entitled a fundamental text
for the utopia of a new world

and education oriented to the primal and spiritual life,

between nature experience and feeling in relation to reason,

for the triumph of truth, freedom, justice, virtue, happiness …

But, above all, Eloisa is Reverie!


is the poetry of fantasy and imaginary,

of the instinct of freedom between project and utopia;

is the mental strength and reason in the daydreaming,

in the creative meditation
between the depiction of Art / “Melancholia” and Happiness.


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