Living an exhibition that opens you to the future, to the space and to the discovery of fantastic parallel universes in only one room may seem a paradox. But in the last room of the Sale del Principe the run to the New has stopped to allow each person to retrieve a memory of his/her personal past. Living a memory for a full minute is a luxury that only Georgina Starr could grant.


Lorenzo Vitturi, photo Henrik Blomqvist

A spaceship. I wish I could have heard the beating heart of the “Fantasy access code” in the overture by Nanda Vigo. “Time Limit.” I wished I could have immersed myself in Eden of handmade flowers, the site-specific painting smells, the large size that have been created by the delicate hands of Aki Kondo. “Resonance”. I wished I could have stopped in the blackest black with neon lights of the installation – not only sound – by the Soundwalk Collective. Sound waves, artificial, industrial, natural: sitting in their path and lose myself imagining as my body could become part of the production line. “Milan (daybed)”. I could have climbed on the bed / stage / pedestal by Michael Lin, exhibitionist in having the public exhibiting and in confusing the boundary between art and design. “The garden inside the wire.” I would have crept into the multifarious forms by Lorenzo Vitturi’s forest. If the world is formed by macroscopic arising from the microscopic, then what’s the viewer’s size?


Soundwalk Collective, photo Henrik Blomqvist

Approx 18.78 minutes. 6.26 the time of each action. 3 actions before starting again. From the beginning: 3 action, 3 people, 3 memories and then it all starts again and repeats. At the center of scientific laboratory shared with three other figures, the Sphere: the machine’s memory that is moment, it is memory and becomes monument. Ephemeral and intangible heart, spite of interactive physical presence of the work covered in and out in Alcantara ®, as it focused on your memories. Do you remember? I repeat it several times to convince yourself that you’ve already been here.

«You make your way once again along these corridors and through these rooms in this building that belongs to the past.»


Photo Flavio Pescatori & Mattia Caprara

«MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…» I begin with quick steps and I rotate frantically around the sphere. The three companions of this adventure follow me. I slow down and we stop, lowering our voice to our silence. Mouths closed, eyes open. It’s the time of the “Moment, Memory, Monument.” I look into the eyes of Daughter of the Moon before beginning to observe the visitors who now have come to the tenth room thinking they could rest their eyes.


Photo Flavio Pescatori & Mattia Caprara

Game of glances, I accept it and unperturbed I impose the challenge. Many faces are timid, they turn elsewhere as I’m looking for those to whom make a gift of evocation of one’s memory and give away six minutes of peace with eyes closed. Some follow my eyes, others stop before and are turning down, at the top, in the diametrically opposite side: fear or timidity? “I have no memories to be re-experienced”, a lady told me …

MMM-© photo Georgina Starr

MMM-© photo Georgina Starr

“The woman in the white shirt” – says my moon reflection. We are approaching.
“We are the daughters of the Sun and the Moon” – I say.
“You have been chosen to enter Memory Moment Monument “, she says.
“Would you come with us?”.
Not everyone has accepted our invitation. Because of claustrophobia or lack of confidence in an alien situation ?
“We will be waiting for you here.”

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

What happens inside the Sphere, I can’t not tell you that. “To evoke your memory.” The memory is yours.
What happens outside the sphere? Four scientists study and represent your memory in movements, gestures, drawings, words, and actions.
First 6:26 minutes. The first scientist starts your journey through time. The external components of the sphere get attached, while there is who controls, who waits and who prepares the board that will represent the three moments of your controlled imagination. Music begins from a tape, Molly Drake sings “I remember”, and two of us begin to dance. Thus the tangle wraps, the skein of your memories. That very thought gets recovered. While one of us “feels the Sphere”, at the artist’s will, and draws showing to others the fruit of your dream moments.
It prints. The music stops.


«My mother groaned. My father wept.
Into the dangerous world I leapt – affermo io e a ruota ripete la mia compagna –.
Helpless, naked, piping loud
Like a fiend hid in a cloud

Struggling in my mother’s hands
Striving against my swaddling bands
Bound and weary I thought best
To sulk upon my mother’s breast».
Georgina Starr cites William Blake.

From “Songs of Experience” the Sun’s daughter and the Moon’s daughter split apart and recall every sentence, controlling the mind and the movements of the two scientists approaching. The poem ends in stillness as well as the suffering of the poet. The world is dangerous. Time travel is over. The alarm sounds. The triangle is played. We approach the door.
“We love you”, we affirm convinced, with robotic voice, cold, detached and distant. Three times I heard answering to us “I love you too” as if the journey had been a milestone in the recovery of the past and in moving towards the construction of its own existence.

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

“The man in the orange jacket” – I say, and the initial approach was repeated according to our coded way of acting.
We too have been programmed to perform the same functions of machines, lights and perfect watches. In Georgina Starr’s hands I felt like Charon – nor human or mythological- alien even to my self.

A new journey through time begins. The cables are repositioned. The red lamp reaches my face, the orange lamp turns towards my partner’s face. 1, 2, 3, 4: the dance of your thoughts begins because your memories begin to circulate slow as lymph and blood flowing slowly. Dancing is relentless, constant and repetitive. It keeps your pace.

“Androgynous egg” – I say. ” Uncertain curse ” – replies the other. The mutual spacing is constant and unstoppable. We are giving voice to your imaginations.
Until you remember a ”Violent eclipse”and everything stops. We go down along with the lights. The time of your mental journey is over.

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

We take our position for the third time in our first round. “The girl with the blue dress.” Again we present ourselves; she shyly accepts.

Wired sphere hides the other each of us. The time of your memory has started. “Oh you”, I see her getting out of the other side; “Oh you,” surprised, she answers me.
It’s time for the duel. The forces that we represent are the passing of time itself; the day gives way to night and night that recognizes the day which in turn shall find twelve hours later. Nothing more. We are the flow of life alternated from sunrise and sunset and it happens that our meeting is not easy nor peaceful.

Magnets in opposition: no one wins, no one loses. The scientists spellbound, against the walls of the Sphere, wake up to the sound of the end of time. We together open the door and we assure you to be alive and back among us.

“Silent abyss”. Happy children, shaken adults, indifferent adults, foreign tourists waiting, women with gum in their mouth sitting laughing in front of a ”performance”, men alone with the companion camera, couples about to burst, groups of elderly very curious, families, daughters … it was a profound journey that I made it through your eyes.

Georgina Starr’s art is a woman’s art and not just for the forms that she evokes in her constructions. It cradles you in your past. It gives birth to memories. In a dangerous world, it welcomes you to life and says it loves you. Time leaves to women the task of its flowing. And for me time is still the most valuable resource. So thank you Georgina.

Photo Henrik Blomqvist

Photo Henrik Blomqvist


Special thanks to Daniela Marizzoni, Paul Noble and Georgina Starr
“Momento Memoria Monumento” by Georgina Starr; Actors: Letizia Bravi, Loris Fabiani, Vincenzo Zampa; Performer: Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi; mua: Nakita Anedda

Photo courtesy Alcantara and Georgina Starr

“Fantasy access code”
Palazzo Reale, Milano

Comune di Milano – Cultura, Palazzo Reale, Alcantara
Curated by Davide Quadrio e Massimo Torrigiani
with the coordination of Selva Barni e Ilaria Speri