“Non c’è niente di elettronico
Se metto la mano sul cuore lo sento battere
Muoio nascendo: questa è l’inversione di marcia.”

Thank you so much for taking part throught thoughts and actions in my “Hypersensitive Renaissance”. Thanks for the hugs, for the words and for sharing roses and energies.
A special thanks to Palazzo Strozzi and to his wonderful team who animates that historical as well as contemporary and so lively place. Thanks to Valentina Guidi Ottobri for believing in me and leaving me free. Thanks to the support of my loved ones. Thanks to the water of Bill Viola and its source that gave me energy.
And finally thanks to my stubborn purity, lily, burdens and daughter, so much desired for this hypersensitivity…

Reverie, Bill Viola, Palazzo Strozzi, Rinascimento Ipersensibile, Visitazione, L Mugri 1

From now on, there will be an intense work of cataloging and synthesis aimed at the realization of a final work that will follow a different process from the speed of the internet. I therefore ask you to be patient.

Reverie, Bill Viola, Palazzo Strozzi, Rinascimento Ipersensibile, Four Hands, L Mugri 2

But I want to explain briefly and share what is my concept of hypersensitivity as I wrote in the small edition created for the performance.

«Hypersensitivity is the current state of the art.

Images usually associate an intangible, ‘mental’ dimension with the concrete space occupied by the subject. However, if we can consider the internal-physical experience to be inseparable from the enjoyment of such images, it is undeniable that it is, in fact, possible to go beyond a mere image. This dimension gives way to an aphasic state or Stendhal syndrome, producing an active re-creation involving both the mind, the person and the entirety of their emotions: this is hypersensitivity. My aim is to link hypersensitivity – this positive excess in response to energy and emotional forces – to art as an immediate reaction of the immune system to the work, one which the human body alone is capable of. The purpose of my performance is no longer only to study the audience; rather, it represents a further stage within my research: the demonstration that each human being possesses a hypersensitive characteristic, even if latent or di cult to manifest. According to scienti c research 20% of the population is hypersensitive; I am part of this 20%, and generally speaking an artist is by de nition the ‘most hypersensitive’.

The state of SPS (Sensory-Processing Sensibility) is that of constant ‘vulnerability’, which can also have positive implications: these individuals are more reactive and ready to respond in any way (from attentive observation to speci c behaviours) to their surroundings and more. The increase in visual attention and cognitive involvement are essential stimuli which explode in an exhibition like “Rinascimento Elettronico” where the eye of the spectator is urged towards multiple possibilities of interpretation and subjective enjoyment. To stimulate the public into living what Bill Viola recounts in an uninterrupted ow, to reconstruct in real time gestures and gazes, and to verify new senses which have their primary origins in water: this is my challenge.»

Reverie in attesa di Rinascimento Ipersensibile Ph L. Mugri V

Dedica fluida all’opera di Bill Viola

20 luglio 2017
Performance ideata e realizzata da Reverie,
A cura di Valentina Guidi Ottobri
in occasione della mostra su Bill Viola “Rinascimento Elettronico”,
Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi (10 marzo – 23 luglio 2017)

Un ringraziamento particolare a
Arturo Galansino, Direttore Generale
Riccardo Lami, Coordinamento comunicazione e relazioni esterne Alessandra Lotti Margotti, Eventi e gestione spazi

Al Maestro Bill Viola e a Kira Perov profonda gratitudine

English text: Leah Anita Cavazzini
Foto condivise L. Mugri
Supporto tecnico: ArtFloor