I was born in the arts. They fed me on milk and readings of Leonardo da Vinci, Brancusi and Klee. The first sentence I uttered was to that from a work by Beppe Chiari: “Art is beautiful.” This thought always accompanies me.

Despite my young age, I have walked through different paths in search of my own way of expression in art and writing, fashion and design, unconventionality and hardness of self-discipline, towards the freedom of expression.

Strong the word. Eloquent the image. Refined the aesthetics.

I experience forms of visual and verbal investigation towards an eclectic and contemporary body art; I use the body because our common and primary means of expression. I believe in the sensitive approach to reality between art and fashions, trends and languages.
Performer, editor, artists’ model, I founded ART MOOD ON as a communication tool to document my work dedicated to art in all its forms.

“An artist is an instrument through which the universe reveals itself.”
Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi