Andy Warhol

Body lines

Wednesday March 1st, 2017
Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi, Keith Haring, Palazzo Reale, Milano

In Art, synonym of purification is catharsis. Blood. The staging of a tragic representation in Ancient Greece involved the whole polis in a common moment of purification. Tears. Through feelings of pity and terror. Sweat. Art makes you stink, it bothers, it melts groins and intestines, it speaks from the stomach, the throat and the lower bellies. Art is scary. The Sublime and the Beautiful are concepts clearly distinct. Let’s get free. Freedom. Let’s follow our instincts, let’s give credibility to the subconscious. Let’s eliminate the costume that does not exist. Let’s read more and not the labels.

Yes. When I visited the exhibition that Palazzo Reale dedicated to Keith Haring I sweated. A lot. A sweat, for the accuracy, composed of water, ions (Na +, K +, Cl-), urea, immunoglobulins, cholesterol, lactic acid, volatile bases, acrylic, oil on canvas, images, masks, vinyl paint…


Thursday October 27th, 2016
Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi, Museo Pecci, La fine del mondo, Prato

If the “world” remains the constant, what does its “end” mean?

If I have to talk about the Museo Pecci and its first-new exhibition, entitled “The End of the World”, I prefer the word “rebirth” to “death”, to “exhibition” I prefer the word “overview” on today’s world.


Wednesday October 5th, 2016

“Dissident Artist”: Ai Weiwei is not free from definition.

But today who is free among of us ?

I have visited the retrospective that the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi dedicates to Ai Weiwei, and I have found my definition of freedom…

La Grande Madre, Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi, Fondazione Trussardi

If the art is the mother, the artist is the obstetrician and the work is her manifestation in the world: here is the new maieutics. I went to Palazzo Reale in Milan to visit the “The Great Mother”, the exhibition-event.


Monday August 24th, 2015
Museo del 900, Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi #MuseoIdeale

After meeting Μουσεῖον as “the place of the Muses”, museology had subsequently taught me his canonical definition, pointing that there are many types of museums. Then I met André Malraux, and I realized that the “museum of museums” is the “’place where the imagination finds its highest expression. “

foto-tendenze: la camera chiara

Thursday April 23rd, 2015
Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi, MIA Fair 2015, Milano

La fotografia è dipendente dalla realtà̀. Può̀ riprodurre qualcosa se e solo se questa esiste, se e solo se il referente è di fronte all’obbiettivo.
Ma siamo veramente sicuri che le cose oggi stiano così? Ritengo che sia sempre individuabile in ogni forma artistica una linea di gusto, uno stile e una visione del mondo che per quanto possa essere armonica o disarmonica risulti costantemente evidente. Ho cercato di individuare questa “tendenza” nella fotografia dopo gli stimoli del MIA Fair di Milano.


Monday December 15th, 2014
ISKOdenim by the Artgirl

Jeans, cult object. Credo che questa sia l’affermazione perfetta per cominciare un articolo totalmente dedicato al jeans, all’arte del jeans e ai suoi artefici, ISKOdenim. «Il mondo cambia, i blue jeans no – affermava il filosofo Baudrillard – i jeans

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Sunday June 15th, 2014

La Gioconda torna a Firenze. Sì, avete letto bene: la Gioconda torna a Firenze! Il quadro, l’icona, la donna più enigmatica della storia, non solo dell’arte. «L’opera più famosa al mondo ma allo stesso tempo meno conosciuta nei suoi significati».

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Elio Fiorucci by Elio Fiorucci

Saturday June 7th, 2014
Elio Fiorucci

1976, New York 59th Street: I wish I was there too, at the opening of the new store by Elio Fiorucci, designed by Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi and Franco Marabelli. A modern temple of fashion and art; landmark of New York intellectual community and Andy Warhol’s favorite place. It was one of the many achievements of the art of Elio Fiorucci, master of newness. I met him on a sunny June afternoon.